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Welcome to Simamon Rolls~ I’m mainly using this blog to post my sims legacies, though occasionally I might sprinkle him some custom content and art here and there. I hope you enjoy my creations!

Ljunggren Homeless Challenge 1.0

New challenge! This is my first challenge that I’ve done which isn’t a legacy! Woo! My rules are simple, I moved a teen sim in (by himself) to an empty lot, which I decorated to look like an abandoned park, I then removed his funds down to $50.

He is not allowed to own any item that he cannot put in his inventory (I make an exception with a lantern, which technically he could pick up, but its not that way in the game), he is not allowed to eat at restaurants, move in with anybody, garden, or sell collectibles. He is, however, allowed a part-time job (no full time) and allowed to sell fruits and veggies he finds (they are base level, so they sell for like $4).

My goal is to get him into university and make a successful man out of him without exploiting any of the games extremely easy money methods.


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